Bonjour !

I am Tomek Palusinski, a Polish-French architect and designer based in France. I am „un enfant de la ville“.

Since I was a little boy I have been paying a lot of attention to the overview of the traffic signage on the highways, in the cities, at the train stations, the harbors and the airports around the world.

I am fascinated by their simplified but expressive aesthetics and diversity across regions and countries. 

Especially I am caught by :

  • road signs
  • city signs
  • traffic and transport signage containing letters and numbers : A (autobus), T (tramway), metro lines, trains etc.

These elements inspire me as a designer. 

I use them in the very creative way :

  • by creating the word games based on the mixture between the pronunciation and the meaning – so that I created the names for my brands (CT-ZEN, CT-SHIRT, CT-SHARED) and all my products
  • by modifying some elements of the traffic signage to give them a new funny and unexpected meaning, effect or function